Embrace Uncertainty

A 4-month journey for passionate women feeling stuck at the crossroads of their life ready to reclaim peace, stability, and unshakable confidence in the face of the unknown.

In this private weekly one-on-one hypnotherapy & coaching program with Alicia Smith-Hudson, Certified Hypnotherapist & Holistic Health Coach, harness the power of your subconscious mind to stand courageously on your path, empowered to move forward trusting yourself and embodying your vision unapologetically.

Stress Free

You don't have to be controlled by stress. It's true, there are many triggers to our fight/flight primitive system creating a stream of overwhelm. But you can find control and greater peace. With this package, hypnosis will allow for you to plant the seed of greater ease and peace, while you also learn mindfulness, breath work, and a variety of other techniques and tools to live your most joyful grounded life.

Inner Child Healing

Reconnect with the child within, repair pain, and reprogram the life script to suit your empowered life. The inner child knows anything is possible, dreams big, and is boundlessly filled with joy, creativity, and potential. Perhaps, stuck in bad circumstances, she hid all that good in her innermost self to survive. Healing the inner child is designed to move you forward by going back to tend to your inner child, overcome past wounds, repair, and reignite an innate source of self love.

Love Your Body Package

Your body is your temple. Reignite your love, appreciation, and joy for this amazing vessel that allows you to live your best life. Find freedom from negative self-talk & limitations created by perceiving your body as your enemy. Befriend your body again to discover enhanced health, improved sleep, boosted confidence, and the ideal weight for your joyous life. Learn tools and strategies for better energy and healthy choices, and embrace your body with compassion and pride. Meet weekly for best results.

Uplift & Align Your Whole Being

Feeling lost? Seeking affirmation and instant gratification? Longing to escape from the chatter of your mind, the discomfort in your body, and the dullness of your spirit? This package is a deep dive to discover optimal physical, emotional, and mental healing w/ self-love as your default for living this one precious life. Through coaching and hypnotherapy, you will shift into sustainable healthy habits and a healthy mindset with ease. Feel aligned, light, liberated, and full of joy. 12, 1-on-1 sessions.